Conscious Manifestation… Intention Style :)

So how does this Intention thing work?

The power behind your thoughts and beliefs are what create your actions. Your actions and beliefs are what create your present and future time results. These results are your experience.

  1. Think about what you want to create in your experience. ( love life, family, job, friendships, faith, etc)
  2. Set Your Intention
  3. Act as though….
  4. Repeat Daily

These 4 simple steps are something that most people just never seem to do. They are so simple yet over looked. Our society and access to mental disruptors ( sounds, technologies, people) are always breaking our consistent mental energies. When we have a fleeting thought or stroke of genius it is often swallowed up by the din of loudness that covers our day to day lives.

When you take time to consciously ‘Set Your Intention’ daily or even many times a day, you harness the strength of your mind. Then you will just watch your world unfold in the manner in which you intended….

It really is that easy!

Use the power of your INTENTION

Use the power of your INTENTION

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My Intention is to Smile…

My Intention is to Smile More… 

Greet a stranger with a smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror. However you do it, smiling just makes you feel better. I think that it even conserves energy because you use fewer muscles to smile than you do to frown. Happy people enjoy higher immunity, higher life satisfaction and longer lives. So what is holding you back…. SMILE!

Add years to your life... Smile

A recent study was done and it found that people who woke up to the sight of fresh flowers in the morning enjoyed an increase of serotonin. They were happier, more optimistic and had more energy throughout the day. All that just from viewing pretty flowers! I don’t know about you but I am going to go out right now and get an orchid or two. These amazing flowers can last up to 3-4 months and they also re-bloom easily. I don’t know of any mood med that can challenge the sight of a beautiful flower!

So smile, join an orchid of the month club, jump up and down on a pogo stick, take a yoga class, whatever it takes.

I suppose my true intention is to live a happier, longer and more healthy life…. And all that starts with a smile!

Live Better , Smile More, Love – Me

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Intention is Everything

How To Find Your Sweet Spot

So I have been practicing yoga for many years now and at the beginining of every class and every self practice I am prompted to “Set Your Intention”. This was a bit daunting when I was more of a novice yoga practitioner. But the more evolved that my yoga practice became the more that I realized how important this simple cue was. Now when I practice, my intention, and post practice blissful headspace is so much more important than what the person next to me is doing.
When I created ‘Set Your Intention’ I was looking for a way to remind myself throughout my practice to come back to my original intent. So I found the perfect sacred geometrical design that always seemed to speak to me and placed it as a sort of bindi at the top of my mat. Do you know what happened? My practice deepened and my world started to shift all toward my intentions!
So now I want to share ‘Set Your Intention’ with the world. I believe that this simple yet profound centering tool can help people to change their lives. My vision is to have a ‘Set Your Intention’ on every yoga mat all across the globe.

How To Use

  • Place ‘Set Your Intention’ Sweet Spot ,on any clean, dry surface. I have mine everywhere, my yoga mats, my phone, my office, etc.
  • If placing on a yoga mat make sure to let it lay flat for 24 hours before rolling. Also I roll mine on the inside.
  • Whenever you want to, concentrate on whatever you would like to create or intend in your life or for other people.
  • Remember that intentions are powerful and ever shifting so be open to anything.
  • ‘Set Your Intention’ Sweet Spot is a semi-permenent concentration and profound meditation tool.

    Here is a ‘Sweet Spot’ at the top , center of my Manduka yoga mat.

   Email with any questions

Or Find them on ETSY!

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The Power of Thought

‘Set Your Intention’ is to be used to help you create your best life.

The power of thoughtful creation has been a practice of abundant beings for eons. When concentration is placed upon your creative thoughts…. They just happen.

Sit and ‘Set Your Intention’

‘Set Your Intention’  created itself.

For Worldwide use…

Your Results are Your Purpose…

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