Set a Your Intention… How to get a Creative Manifestation Mandala

Here is the thing….

Whenever I have a friend see my Set Your Intention Creative Manifestation Mandala on the back of my phone, on the door into my office or wherever I have put one…. They ALWAYS ask me where they can get one. So here it is…

Eventually I will get my stuff together and have them super easy to order online (in my spare time😂🙌🏼❤️) But for right now we ship orders out of my office on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Please call 757-422-2260 to get yours shipped out.


Here are the deets…

One = $20 plus shipping

10= $47.50… $4.75 each plus shipping

50= $225.00… $4.50 each plus shipping

100= $425.00… $4.25 each plus shipping

Love, C

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We are dedicated to helping people achieve their most healthy and vital potential.
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