Intention is Everything

How To Find Your Sweet Spot

So I have been practicing yoga for many years now and at the beginining of every class and every self practice I am prompted to “Set Your Intention”. This was a bit daunting when I was more of a novice yoga practitioner. But the more evolved that my yoga practice became the more that I realized how important this simple cue was. Now when I practice, my intention, and post practice blissful headspace is so much more important than what the person next to me is doing.
When I created ‘Set Your Intention’ I was looking for a way to remind myself throughout my practice to come back to my original intent. So I found the perfect sacred geometrical design that always seemed to speak to me and placed it as a sort of bindi at the top of my mat. Do you know what happened? My practice deepened and my world started to shift all toward my intentions!
So now I want to share ‘Set Your Intention’ with the world. I believe that this simple yet profound centering tool can help people to change their lives. My vision is to have a ‘Set Your Intention’ on every yoga mat all across the globe.

How To Use

  • Place ‘Set Your Intention’ Sweet Spot ,on any clean, dry surface. I have mine everywhere, my yoga mats, my phone, my office, etc.
  • If placing on a yoga mat make sure to let it lay flat for 24 hours before rolling. Also I roll mine on the inside.
  • Whenever you want to, concentrate on whatever you would like to create or intend in your life or for other people.
  • Remember that intentions are powerful and ever shifting so be open to anything.
  • ‘Set Your Intention’ Sweet Spot is a semi-permenent concentration and profound meditation tool.

    Here is a ‘Sweet Spot’ at the top , center of my Manduka yoga mat.

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