My Intention is to Smile…

My Intention is to Smile More… 

Greet a stranger with a smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror. However you do it, smiling just makes you feel better. I think that it even conserves energy because you use fewer muscles to smile than you do to frown. Happy people enjoy higher immunity, higher life satisfaction and longer lives. So what is holding you back…. SMILE!

Add years to your life... Smile

A recent study was done and it found that people who woke up to the sight of fresh flowers in the morning enjoyed an increase of serotonin. They were happier, more optimistic and had more energy throughout the day. All that just from viewing pretty flowers! I don’t know about you but I am going to go out right now and get an orchid or two. These amazing flowers can last up to 3-4 months and they also re-bloom easily. I don’t know of any mood med that can challenge the sight of a beautiful flower!

So smile, join an orchid of the month club, jump up and down on a pogo stick, take a yoga class, whatever it takes.

I suppose my true intention is to live a happier, longer and more healthy life…. And all that starts with a smile!

Live Better , Smile More, Love – Me

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