Conscious Manifestation… Intention Style :)

So how does this Intention thing work?

The power behind your thoughts and beliefs are what create your actions. Your actions and beliefs are what create your present and future time results. These results are your experience.

  1. Think about what you want to create in your experience. ( love life, family, job, friendships, faith, etc)
  2. Set Your Intention
  3. Act as though….
  4. Repeat Daily

These 4 simple steps are something that most people just never seem to do. They are so simple yet over looked. Our society and access to mental disruptors ( sounds, technologies, people) are always breaking our consistent mental energies. When we have a fleeting thought or stroke of genius it is often swallowed up by the din of loudness that covers our day to day lives.

When you take time to consciously ‘Set Your Intention’ daily or even many times a day, you harness the strength of your mind. Then you will just watch your world unfold in the manner in which you intended….

It really is that easy!

Use the power of your INTENTION

Use the power of your INTENTION

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