Mindful Moment- Set Your Intention Style….

I just love this! I am doing Deepak’s 21 day meditation challenge. Yes, right now and it is free! We are on day 4 and his words on self-care are just too perfect.

Today happens to be one of my self-care days. Like most of my days….Let me walk you through the ways I have loved myself today

  • Prepared organic veggies with love
  • Told and showed love to my babies… Yes, I sang this song to them
  • Did Pilates to get my body sweating & moving
  • Got a 1.5 hour BioMat massage
  • Popped open a young coconut and hydrated like a CHAMP!
  • Meditated with Deepak
  • Napped for 10 min afterward
  • And now I think I will make a Green Smoothie and go to the beach:)
  • Later I will prepare more organic goodness

Below is a beautiful reminder on how to make yourself accountable for your own self-care. Please start taking AMAZING CARE of yourself!!!


“Today, begin a practice of daily self-care. Begin by making a list of the loving things you can do for yourself this week—then set the intention to complete one of the items on your list every day. Consider posting the list somewhere prominent or maybe schedule a daily reminder on your phone or computer. Here are a few suggestions: write down one quality you love about yourself, remember to pause and take a few deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed, take a walk or enjoy a good meal with a friend rather than grabbing a sandwich at your desk. As you give freely to yourself you’ll experience the loving awareness that is your natural state.”

Be Realistic... Expect Miracles :)

Be Realistic… Expect Miracles 🙂

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